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About The MaMaBay Landscape

The MaMaBay landscape (Makira-Masoala-Baie d’Antongil) in northeastern Madagascar is among the centers of biodiversity endemism in Madagascar. This landscape contains the country’s largest block of rainforest and is home to extraordinary biodiversity. Some 230,000 people live in the landscape and depend heavily on natural resources for their daily livelihoods. WCS has been active in MaMaBay for 25 years, from creating and managing protected areas to community development, reforestation and forest restoration, ecological research, and local fisheries management. As part of its support for nature conservation in the MaMaBay landscape, WCS is implementing a community conservation program to improve the socio-economic living conditions of communities bordering marine and terrestrial protected areas, supporting their commitment to biodiversity conservation. Large quantities of data have been collected, with numerous projects already implemented or underway.

About the Law Enforcement Coordinator

The Law Enforcement Coordinator for MaMaBay will be responsible for developing and implementing comprehensive strategies to strengthen law enforcement efforts within WCS-protected areas. The role will involve analyzing existing law enforcement practices, identifying weaknesses, and designing targeted interventions to enhance protection and conservation efforts within the protected areas.
The Law Enforcement Strategist will work closely with the MaMaBay Protected Areas Manager and MaMaBay Landscape & Seascape Director to implement MaMaBay’s protected areas strategy. S/he will ensure a human rights-based approach to reducing biodiversity threats in the overarching land/seascape.
This position involves developing and implementing comprehensive strategies to enhance law enforcement efforts within WCS-protected areas. Responsibilities include conducting assessments of current strategies, drafting policy proposals, providing training to personnel, fostering partnerships, and monitoring enforcement outcomes. The role requires a deep understanding of wildlife laws, conservation principles, and human rights, and the ability to collaborate effectively with diverse stakeholders. The Law Enforcement Strategist plays a crucial role in safeguarding biodiversity, combating illegal activities, and promoting sustainable management of WCS-protected areas.

Major Responsibilities
Law enforcement strategic planning

  • Conduct thorough assessments of current law enforcement strategies and operations within protected areas.
  • Identify gaps, vulnerabilities, and threats to biodiversity and habitat integrity in collaboration with the Science Department.
  • Develop strategic plans and operational practices to enhance the effectiveness of law enforcement efforts.

Technology, innovation, and integrated data management to improve law enforcement

  • Centralize data at the WCS Control Room from various sources, including surveillance cameras, GPS tracking devices, ranger reports, and satellite imagery.
  • Implement a Geographic Information System (GIS) to analyze and visualize critical information such as patrol routes, hotspot areas, and illegal activities in collaboration with the Control Room Coordinator.
  • Identify and leverage innovative technologies and tools, with the Control Room Coordinator and the Protected Areas Manager, to enhance surveillance, monitoring, and enforcement capabilities.
  • Explore using high-tech solutions to detect and deter illegal activities within protected areas.
  • Collaborate with technical experts to pilot and implement new technologies in the field.
  • Establish an intelligence analysis cell to interpret data, identify patterns, and assess the level of threat to protected areas.
  • Conduct threat assessments to prioritize response efforts and allocate resources effectively.
  • Use real-time data and analysis to deploy personnel and assets strategically.
  • Facilitate communication between field teams, law enforcement agencies, and other stakeholders through radio, mobile apps, and other communication channels.
  • Develop decision support tools and dashboards to provide actionable insights to decision-makers.

Operational management and law enforcement at WCS-delegated managed protected areas in MaMaBay

  • Provide training and technical support to park rangers, law enforcement personnel, and community stakeholders.
  • Develop training materials and conduct workshops on patrol tactics, wildlife crime investigation, and community engagement.
  • Optimize patrol routes and schedules based on emerging threats, wildlife movements, and historical incident data.
  • Coordinate joint operations and information sharing to address crimes in MaMaBay.
  • Coordinate joint patrols, intelligence sharing, and information exchange to combat illegal wildlife trade, poaching, and habitat destruction.
  • Forge partnerships and collaboration with government agencies, NGOs, local communities, and stakeholders.

Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Establish monitoring systems to track law enforcement outcomes, measure progress, and evaluate the impact of interventions.
  • Prepare regular reports and presentations to communicate findings, lessons learned, and recommendations for improvement.

External relationships

  • Represent the MaMaBay Protected Areas team to donors and government stakeholders, as requested.


  • Maintain collaborative solid working relationships with the national and MaMaBay teams.
  • Conduct any other responsibilities as requested by the MaMaBay Landscape & Seascape Director.

Qualification Requirements

Job Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s, master’s degree or other relevant professional experience (+ 5 years) in law enforcement, conservation biology, natural resource management, or related field.
  • Demonstrated expertise and experience in operating in jungle-specific environments.
  • Strong understanding of wildlife laws, regulations, and enforcement protocols.
  • Excellent analytical, problem-solving, and strategic planning skills.
  • Knowledge in data analysis, GIS software, and other relevant technology tools.
  • Demonstrated leadership abilities, including team management, conflict resolution, and decision-making under pressure.
  • Knowledge and understanding of logistics and financial management for projects in complex environments.
  • Excellent written and spoken communication skills in French, Malagasy is a distinct advantage.

Additional Requirements

  • Strong commitment to wildlife conservation.
  • Innovative, proactive, resilient, team-oriented, and ambitious.
  • Willingness to live in a remote field site with basic amenities in a multi-cultural environment.

How to apply

Interested candidates, who meet the above qualifications, skills and experience, should apply through this link by April 23rd, 2024.
Please send a detailed application/cover letter and a detailed CV and Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for interviews

WCS is an equal-opportunity employer dedicated to hiring and supporting a diverse workforce. We are committed to cultivating an inclusive work environment and look for future team members who share that same value.

Deadline: 23-Apr-24