Outcome Harvest for TCIS Initiatives Consultant

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Habitat for Humanity

Terms of Reference for a Consultancy for the Outcome Harvest for TCIS Initiatives

The Terwilliger Center for Innovation in Shelter (TCIS) is dedicated to developing innovative, customer-focused products, services, and financial solutions in the housing sector. Through innovative business models across the housing markets in countries like Mexico, Peru, Kenya, India, and the Philippines, we tailor approaches to address and transform the unique challenges faced by low-income households. Our global programmes complement these efforts: ShelterTech, focuses on technology-driven housing solutions that bring cutting-edge advancements to the forefront of housing development; Shelter Venture Fund (SVF) plays a pivotal role in financing pioneering housing projects by channeling capital into ventures that promise to reshape the housing landscape; and Housing Finance Systems (HFS) is dedicated to enhancing the affordability and accessibility of housing finance, ensuring that financial constraints do not impede the quest for adequate shelter.

We are seeking proposals from experienced consultants capable of implementing an Outcome Harvest across selected interventions in Mexico, Peru, Kenya, India, and the Philippines. The lead consultant will collaborate with local consultants or firms in these countries to form a consortium-like arrangement for project execution. The goal of the assignment is to:

1. Identify Outcomes in Selected Markets: Understand both the intended and unintended outcomes of various interventions in the selected housing markets.
2. Determine the causes of these changes: Identify and understand the factors that have caused these changes, including how TCIS interventions have influenced these outcomes.
3. Extract Lessons and Promising Good Practices: Identify lessons and promising good practices from the observed outcomes to inform strategies for scale-up and regionalization.
The Outcome Harvest will focus on various countries where our initiatives have a significant presence. For this consultancy, we are focusing on our Shelter Venture Labs in Mexico, Peru, Kenya, India, and the Philippines. At this stage of planning, we have decided to remain flexible in the selection of the specific interventions for the Outcome Harvest to aligning the harvest with our evolving strategic priorities. We expect the selected interventions to cover diverse aspects such as construction labour and services, materials and technology and financial systems, and technology-driven solutions in housing.


The Lead consultant is expected to have:
1. Extensive experience and deep understanding of Outcome Harvesting principles and practical applications, evidenced by previous successful projects.
2. Expertise in Market Systems Development programming, particularly in key areas relevant to the initiatives, such as housing market dynamics, financial systems, and technology-driven solutions in housing. Ability to leverage this experience in the context of Outcome Harvesting. Deep understanding of the specific challenges and opportunities in the target countries.
3. Demonstrated experience in leading multi-country projects, with a strong focus on Outcome Harvesting. Proven ability to manage complex projects across diverse regions and expertise in establishing and coordinating with local consultants or firms in target countries to ensure projects are informed by localized insights.
4. Significant experience in the international development sector, with a solid grasp of the unique challenges and opportunities present in this field.
5. Established network or proven ability to quickly form partnerships with local consultants or firms in the target countries. Experience in managing consortium-like arrangements is highly desirable.
6. Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written and the ability to work effectively in diverse cultural contexts. Fluency in English and Spanish, enabling effective communication and facilitation in multi-lingual contexts is desirable.
7. Strong skills in consortium or team management, effective coordination, and problem-solving, particularly in dynamic and fast-paced environments.

Local consultants are expected to have:
1. At least a basic understanding of Outcome Harvesting principles.
2. Expertise in the housing market dynamics and financial systems of their respective countries. Preference is given to consultants with experience in Housing, MSD, construction value chain, housing finance, or other relevant areas of expertise.
3. A good understanding of the development sector, particularly in their local context, is desirable.
4. Strong communication skills, including fluency in the local languages of their respective countries.

The lead consultant and TCIS will agree to a suitable timeline and schedule for the assignment based on the final activities and work plan. The target timeline for completion of this assignment is June 2024.

The range for this consultancy is up to $100,000. The budget covers all fees and expenses related to travel including accommodation and transportation within countries. Please note that the final agreed budget for this consultancy is subject to change depending on the interventions selected and agreed on during the inception phase.

How to apply

Interested applicants should submit a detailed proposal and any questions to Toochi Egbe (Associate Director, MEAL) at [email protected] by 19th February 2024. The proposal should include:
• A description of how the consortium meets the qualifications for this consultancy
• A draft technical approach and methodology for conducting the outcome harvest including a description of tools and techniques to be used and how this aligns with the TOR objectives
• A work plan which provides enough detail to demonstrate an understanding of the task and which can be refined during the inception phase. This should include phases of work, activities and deliverables.
• Information on the team and management structure including roles, responsibilities and qualifications and how the team will work together, including any consortium or partnership agreements. Include CVs for the teams in the annex.
• Detailed examples of past projects that demonstrate relevant experiences
• An illustrative budget, detailing expected costs associated with the project
• Risk assessment and mitigation plan
• Confirmation of understanding and adherence to HFHI ethical standards, data protection, confidentiality, conflict of interest policies, and safeguarding policies

Deadline: 19 Feb 2024