Outreach Worker – Education

Sened Organization

Job Title:

Outreach Worker – Education

Job Location:

Syria / Azez

Reporting to:

Project Officer

General Description of the Programme:

SENED is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit organization licensed and registered in Türkiye with the number 27-15-175. SENED Organization was established shortly after the Syrian Nakba and in response to the suffering of millions of Syrian refugees in Turkey as well as internally displaced people in Syria, to alleviate suffering, achieving justice, equality, and freedom, strengthening the role of civil society, and supporting and developing the local community. SENED works in the humanitarian work sectors to support, empower, and educate the community through several programs, takes exceptional care of people with disabilities and their families and defends their issues.

SENED Association emphasizes creating safe, accessible, and participation-encouraging living conditions for individuals’ emotional, intellectual, physical, and social development by focusing on people with disabilities. Beyond the medical perspective on disability, it tries to find solutions to the problems faced by disabled people with a holistic perspective by considering the disabled people, their families, and the society they live in, focusing on the conditions they experience. SENED Association aims to create a safe and supportive environment and space by conducting family-oriented activities to help disabled individuals and their families become stronger, discover their potential and stand by with their children. By collecting data on refugee-disabled people and identifying problems and needs, SENED strives to ensure harmony between disabled refugees and local people with a voluntary, professional team and a community-based approach. All activities, education, research, advocacy, etc., are carried out on platforms created by local and disabled refugee people.

Job purpose:

The primary focus of this role is to support the implementation of education activities in A’zaz camps.

Duties, objectives, and competencies:

o Conduct BTL campaigns in A’zaz camps.

o Identify dropped-out children and register them to receive non-formal education in schools supported by Sened in A’zaz camps.

o Support the referral of students from non-formal to formal education.

o Following up the provision of catch-up classes to drop-out children at schools.

o Following up on the implementation of remedial classes for students at schools.

o Distributing the non-formal education curricula to children and making sure to fill and sign the distribution lists.

o Taking attendance of children receiving catch-up classes and remedial classes at schools supported by Sened.

o Distribute awareness brochures to beneficiaries in the project area.

o Providing awareness-raising sessions when needed to project beneficiaries.

o Any other tasks required by the line manager.

Requirements: Essential

§ Bachelor’s degree.

§ Advanced level in the Arabic language.

§ Minimum of 1 year of proven experience in a similar position.

Requirements (desired)

§ Experience working with Persons Living with Disabilities.

§ Verified experience in humanitarian work and principles.

§ Verified experience in education activities.

General terms and conditions


Disabled beneficiaries, children and vulnerable adults must be safeguarded to the maximum possible extent from deliberate or inadvertent actions and failings that place them at risk of abuse, sexual exploitation, injury and any other harm. One of the ways that SENED shows this ongoing commitment to safeguarding is to include rigorous background and reference checks in the selection process for all candidates.


SENED is committed to creating a genuinely inclusive, effective, and representative organizational culture, encouraging employee equity and diversity, and eliminating discrimination. Having a diverse profile of employees, different age groups, backgrounds, cultures, etc., including various experiences and capabilities, helps us understand, represent, and serve children better. Therefore, all qualified applicants will receive equal consideration for employment regardless of race, religion, gender, disability, or age.


If needed, SENED will submit a work permit application for the selected candidate after the job offer is accepted. Failure to provide the required documents or rejection of a work permit application by the Government of Türkiye will result in rescinding the employment offer.

This Job Description only serves as a guide for the position available. SENED reserves the right to change this document. Any published closing dates are estimated. Due to the nature of SENED’s work, we aim to fill vacancies as quickly as possible. This means we will close adverts as soon as we have found the right candidate, which may be before the published closing date. We would therefore advise interested applicants to apply as early as possible.

SENED Organization does not charge a fee at any stage of the recruitment process. | SENED Kuruluşu işe alım sürecinin hiçbir adımında ücret talep etmemektedir.

Job purpose:

· التركيز الرئيسي لهذا المنصب هو دعم عملية تنفيذ انشطة التعليم في مخيمات اعزاز.

Duties, objectives, and competencies:

· تنفيذ حملات العودة الى المدرسة في مخيمات اعزاز.

· تحديد الاطفال المتسربين وتسجيلهم من اجل حضور التعليم غير الرسمي في المدارس المدعومة من قبل منظمة سند.

· دعم عملية احالة الطلاب من التعليم الغير رسمي الى التعليم الرسمي.

· متابعة عملية تزويد الصفوف الالتحاقية للطلاب المتسربين.

· متابعة عملية تزويد الصفوف العلاجية للطلاب في المدارس.

· توزيع مناهج التعليم الغير رسمي للطلاب و الحرص على ملئ وتوقيع لوائح التوزيع.

· اخذ حضور الاطفال الذين يحضروا صفوف التعليم الغير رسمي في المدارس المدعومة من قبل سند.

· توزيع بروشورات توعية الى المستفيدين في منطقة المشروع.

· تزويد مستفيدي المشروع بجلسات توعية عند الحاجة.

· أي مهام أخرى يطلبها المدير المباشر.

Requirements: Essential

شهادة جامعية.

· لغة عربية بطلاقة.

· سنة خبرة على الاقل بنفس المنصب.

Requirements (desired)

· خبرة في العمل مع الاشخاص ذوي الاعاقة.

· خبرة في العمل الانساني.

· خبرة في مجال انشطة التعليم.

· خبرة متوسطة في مجال التوعية.

خبرة متوسطة في إدارة المعلومات والتعامل مع برامج الأوفيس

How to apply

Interested candidates may please send their resumes with the cover letter and fill out the application link.


The application deadline is the 14 of Apr 2024.

Deadline: 14 Apr 2024