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Norwegian Refugee Council

The overall objective of NRC oPt’s Education Core Competency (CC) in 2023-2025 is to “increase access to inclusive and quality education ensuring continuity of learning and protection for all crisis and displacement affected children and youth in oPt”.

NRC is committed to accountability in all activities. NRC complies with the Core Humanitarian Standard and its Nine Commitments, including Quality Criterion 4: Humanitarian response is based on communication, participation and feedback and Quality Criterion 5: Complaints are welcomed and addressed.

In accordance with these commitments, NRC’s Palestine office has a well-established complaints and feedback mechanism (CFM) in place to ensure that communities and people affected by crisis have access to safe and responsive mechanisms to handle complaints. Under NRC definitions, feedback refers to unsolicited opinions, criticism, praise and/or suggestion communicated in a verbal or written form, through formal or informal channels. NRC defines a complaint as a formal expression of dissatisfaction with the standards of service, actions or lack of action by NRC staff, or anyone directly involved in the delivery of NRC’s work.

One of the principles of NRC’s CFM policy is to ensure that the mechanisms are accessible, and participants, including children, are informed about how to use them. The current Country Office CFM is largely based on mobile phone access and needs adaption to be accessible, inclusive, and age-appropriate for children. Particularly in NRC Palestine’s Education programme, it is essential that children, the major users of education services, are able to fully access the CFM in a safe manner respecting the under-age and other data protection considerations. At the same time, child friendly CFMs are needed to be part of NRC’s Shelter, WASH, Protection from Violence, and ICLA programmes to ensure that younger voices are heard and PSEAH and child safeguarding measures are fully implemented.

Finally, it is of utmost importance that a wide range of expertise including psychosocial support (PSS), child protection workers, and/or other trauma-informed practitioners are drawn upon in the development of any child-friendly feedback intervention to ensure safe, appropriate, dignified and inclusive activities to consider children affected by trauma. Recognizing and addressing children’s trauma is complex and the referral to and engagement of trained mental health professionals will be crucial.

How to apply

Please submit your quotation in accordance with the requirements detailed below by email to:
[email protected]
Deadline for submission of quotations is 29 December 2023 at 14:00h Jerusalem time promptly.
Companies/ consultants who do not submit their quotation by this deadline will not be considered.
Clarifications if needed must be received by NRC in writing to [email protected] until 18 December

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Deadline: 29 Dec 2023