Consultancy-Developing Oxfam in Africa’s Climate Justice Programme Strategy

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1.0 Background and Introduction

Oxfam in Africa (OiA) aims to create a comprehensive Climate Justice Programme Document aligned with its Global Strategic Framework, as well as country, partner, and community needs, and its program implementation and influencing tactics. The document will prioritize key strategic focus areas identified during the Oxfam climate justice meeting in November 2022 in Addis Ababa. The consultant’s role will involve analysing and synthesizing the identified areas of collaboration and synergies. Additionally, the consultant will understand the African policy landscape, decision-making processes, including the AU, and the global policy landscape, including the UNFCCC process, to inform the program document.

2.0 Objectives of the Consultancy

The consultant will achieve the following objectives:

a) Analyse and synthesize the identified areas of collaboration/synergies from the process report, country, partner, and community needs to develop programmatic interventions for Oxfam in Africa.

b) Understand African regional RECs, the AU, the UNFCCC process, and Africa’s climate landscape, identifying key moments for influence, and develop strategies for effective engagement in the process.

c) Prioritize key strategic focus areas for Oxfam in Africa’s Climate Justice Programme, considering the needs of Africa as outlined in the process report and the value proposition of Oxfam affiliates.

d) Identify opportunities for building alliances and partnerships in the Africa climate justice discourse.

3.0 Scope of Work

The consultant will perform the following tasks:

a) Review the provided process report and conduct further research to understand the context and significance of the identified areas.

b) Conduct a thorough analysis of African climate justice processes and global climate justice processes, including key negotiating groups, negotiation items, and spaces for influence.

c) Develop strategies and approaches for effective engagement in African and global processes and other key moments for influence in climate justice.

d) Prioritize key strategic focus areas for Oxfam in Africa’s Climate Justice Programme, including country support.

e) Propose potential alliances, partnerships, and funding opportunities to strengthen civil society engagements and movement building in the climate justice discourse.

4.0 Deliverables

The consultant will deliver the following:

  1. Detailed understanding of global processes and Africa’s climate landscape, along with strategies for effective engagement.
  2. Prioritized key strategic focus areas for Oxfam in Africa’s Climate Justice Programme, including country and partner support, supported by clear objectives and action plans.
  3. Comprehensive analysis and synthesis of the identified areas of collaboration/synergies.
  4. Recommendations for potential alliances and partnerships to enhance civil society engagements and movement building in the Africa climate justice discourse.
  5. A funding concept note accompanying the final report and strategy.

The consultant will deliver a report with the following issues well-articulated as indicated in Annex 1.

5.0 Timeline

The consultancy is expected to be completed within 30 days from the commencement date.

6.0 Qualifications and Expertise

The ideal consultant should possess the following qualifications and expertise:

a) Extensive experience in climate justice, climate change policy, and related fields.

b) A master’s degree in Climate change, communications, sociology, economics, or a closely related field.

c) Strong knowledge of global climate change processes and climate policy landscapes in Africa.

d) Demonstrated experience in program development and strategy formulation for climate-related initiatives.

e) Excellent analytical, research, and synthesis skills.

f) Proven ability to work with diverse stakeholders and foster partnerships.

g) Excellent communication and report writing skills.

7.0 Budget and Payment Schedule

The consultant will submit a detailed budget proposal, including all costs associated with the consultancy and withholding tax applicable as per the Kenyan law. Payments will be made based on the agreed-upon milestones and deliverables.

8.0 Evaluation Criteria

The selection of the consultant will be based on relevant experience, qualifications, proposed approach, and budget.

How to apply

9.0 Proposal Submission

Interested consultants are invited to submit their proposals, including a detailed methodology, timeline, and budget, to [email protected] by COB 31st August 2023.

Annex 1

1.0 Executive Summary

  • A concise overview of the climate justice program, its objectives, and key strategies for the next five years.

2.0 Introduction

  • Background and context of climate change in Africa, including the impacts on vulnerable communities.
  • Rationale for the climate justice program and its alignment with Oxfam’s global strategic framework and OiA themes and departments.

3.0 Vision, Mission, and Objectives

  • Clear articulation of the vision and mission of the climate justice program.
  • Specific and measurable objectives to be achieved over the five-year period.

4.0 Situational Analysis

  • Comprehensive assessment of the current climate change and climate justice landscape in Africa.
  • Identification of key challenges, opportunities, and gaps in addressing climate-related injustices.

5.0 Synergies and Collaboration

  • Overview of the identified areas of collaboration/synergies.
  • Strategies for working collaboratively with Oxfam country offices, partners, community members, and global affiliates to maximize impact.

6.0 Influencing Agenda: Global Processes and Africa Climate Landscape

  • In-depth analysis of the global climate change discourse and how OiA can effectively engage in climate policy and negotiations.
  • Examination of Africa’s climate landscape and identification of key spaces for influence.

7.0 Prioritization of Key Strategy Areas

  • Detailed presentation of the prioritized key strategic focus areas for the climate justice program, including synergies with OiA themes.
  • Clear objectives, outcomes, and action plans for each strategy area.

8.0 Theory of Change and Results Framework

  • A logical framework that outlines the causal pathways from inputs to impacts, demonstrating how the program will achieve its objectives.
  • Development of a results framework with specific indicators, targets, and milestones to measure progress and outcomes.

9.0 Strategic Interventions and Activities

  • Description of specific interventions and activities that will be undertaken under each key strategy area.
  • Aligning interventions with the identified areas of collaboration and synergies.

10.0 Partnerships and Alliances

Strategies for building and strengthening partnerships with Affiliates, country offices, CSOs, government bodies, regional organizations, and other stakeholders to advance climate justice.

11.0 Resource Mobilization and Budget

  • An assessment of the financial resources required to implement the program.
  • Strategies for mobilizing funding and a detailed budget plan.

12.0 Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning

  • Design of a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation framework to track the progress and impact of the program.
  • Incorporation of learning and adaptive management mechanisms.

13.0 Feminist, Decolonization, and Local Humanitarian Leadership

  • Strategies for mainstreaming feminist, decolonization, and local humanitarian leadership and ensuring inclusivity in all aspects of the climate justice program.

14.0 Communication and Advocacy

  • Communication and advocacy strategies to raise awareness, influence policies, and engage the public in climate justice issues.

15.0 Risk Assessment and Mitigation

  • Identification of potential risks and challenges that may hinder program implementation.
  • Mitigation measures to address identified risks.

Annexes; Supplementary materials such as research findings, stakeholder analysis, and additional supporting documents

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