Country Coordinator for Yemen

IMPACT Initiatives


REACH was born in 2010 as a joint initiative of two International NGOs (IMPACT Initiatives and ACTED) and the United Nations Operational Satellite Applications Programme (UNOSAT). REACH’s purpose is to promote and facilitate the development of information products that enhance the humanitarian community’s decision making and planning capacity for emergency, reconstruction and development contexts. REACH facilitates information management for aid actors through three complementary services: (a) need and situation assessments facilitated by REACH teams; (b) situation analysis using satellite imagery; (c) provision of related database and (web)-mapping facilities and expertise.

IMPACT Initiatives is a humanitarian NGO, based in Geneva, Switzerland. The organisation manages several initiatives, including the REACH Initiative. The IMPACT team comprises specialists in data collection, management and analysis and GIS. IMPACT was launched at the initiative of ACTED, an international NGO whose headquarter is based in Paris and is present in thirty countries. The two organizations have a strong complementarity formalized in a global partnership, enabling IMPACT to benefit from ACTED’s operational support on its fields of intervention.

We are currently looking for aCountry Coordinator to oversee our REACH Yemen team

Position: Country Coordinator

Contract duration:12 months

Location: Amman, Jordan, with potential travel to Yemen

Starting Date: April 2023

Country Profile

After more than eight years of conflict, millions of people in Yemen are experiencing the compounded effects of armed violence, ongoing economic crisis and disrupted public services. In 2023, an estimated 21.6 million people will need humanitarian assistance and protection services. The direct effects of the conflict continue to have severe effects on the population in addition to deterioration of basic service infrastructure and a fuel crisis. In addition, natural hazards, such as heavy rains and flooding cause deaths and injuries, destroy infrastructure and livelihoods, and increase the spread of diseases. The loss of livelihoods, when combined with the depreciation and general volatility of the Yemeni currency, has made the purchase of basic everyday necessities difficult for most Yemenis.

REACH has supported the humanitarian response to the Yemen crisis since late 2016, working extensively with humanitarian stakeholders particularly leading portfolios on Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM), the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Cash and Markets, understanding flood hazards and risk, as well as localized multisectoral needs assessments. The REACH team, based remotely in Amman, provides systemic assessment and Information Management (IM) support to the response through indicator review, tool design, coordination of data collection exercises, data analysis, output production, and IM platform design.


Under the management of the Head of Programmes, the Country Coordinator oversees the programs and staff in REACH Yemen. The Country Coordinator leads the IMPACT/REACH team to achieve program excellence and ensure the highest level of impact and accountability, while ensuring compliance to IMPACT’s guidelines and standards. The Country Coordinator contributes to the development and implementation of IMPACT/REACH’s country strategy and promotes organizational vision and core values across the mission.

The Country Coordinator will be hosted by ACTED and will fall under the direct responsibility and management of ACTED’s Country Director and their delegates for all Administrative, Security, Logistics, HR and Finance issues. They will therefore fully abide by ACTED’s Security, HR, Administration and Logistics rules and regulations, and, in coordination with ACTED, will ensure IMPACT staff in his/her unit abide by them.


The Country Coordinator responsibilities include the following:


  • Ensure IMPACT has an up-to-date understanding of the country’s socio-economic situation, the impact of the crisis, as well as the aid/humanitarian coordination mechanisms
  • Develop and oversee the implementation of a Country Strategy for the mission, and take a lead role in identifying strategic opportunities for strengthening IMPACT’s work in the country, including identify funding opportunities to strengthen country programs
  • Ensure each Unit within the mission develops and pursues a Unit Strategy that is aligned with the Country Strategy objectives


  • In close coordination with IMPACT HQ, approach donors to identify funding to support IMPACT’s

programs in country;

  • Oversee project proposal conceptualization, within the framework of the country, regional and global strategy, and budget design, in consultation with ACTED and IMPACT HQ, ensuring the application of IMPACT guidelines on proposal, budget and contract design;
  • Negotiate proposal and/or contracts with donors, in close coordination with IMPACT HQ and in consultation with ACTED Country Director (when joint proposal/contract).


  • Ensure that all IMPACT programs contribute to supporting better aid planning and are aligned with IMPACT global and country strategies;
  • Supervise all stages of program implementation, receiving regular updates from team members providing inputs when required, and conducting field visits to program sites for monitoring, quality control and program staff mentoring and coaching;
  • Maintain regular link with support teams (as relevant) to facilitate the provision of logistic, administrative and security support to facilitate program implementation, as well as ensuring that IMPACT teams comply to ACTED’s security and other relevant FLAT regulations during program implementation;


  • Grant and Project Management: ensure that contractual obligations are met in terms of deliverables as well as narrative and financial reporting requirements, provide ad-hoc support to project implementation through trouble shooting and eliminating blocking points and ensure adequate contribution to project and proposal follow up tools through the timely submission of monthly updated Reporting Follow Up (RFU) tool
  • Finance Management: Control project budgets to avoid under/over spending, ensure accurate and timely financial tracking, forecasting and reporting and anticipate financial risks and gaps in funding;


  • Provide leadership across the mission, as well as within the country Senior Management Team, transmitting IMPACT’s values and vision
  • Staff Management: Ensure that all staff have clear and regularly updated TORs, workplans and Key performance Indicators against which their performance will be appraised, promote the growth and development of staff within the organisation and manage interpersonal conflicts (internal and external);
  • Administration and HR management: Ensure transparent and timely recruitment of national staff and contribute to international staff recruitment upon HQ identification, proactively adapt the staffing structure to needs and funding and ensure regular performance appraisal and career management


  • Facilitate internal communication within the team and information sharing, ensure regular reporting to IMPACT HQ through the Monthly Coordination Report, as well as direct reporting to HQ grants management, finance, HR and program departments. Ensure that any risk to IMPACT programming, projects or staff is as soon as possible communicated to and understood by IMPACT director of country programmes and relevant HQ head of departments
  • Ensure regular coordination with ACTED’s Country Director, Project Development, Finance and other FLAT departments at all stages of project development and implementation, including consultations for donor discussions, participation in project kick off and lessons learnt meetings, joint drafting of monthly internal updates and drafting of donor reports or amendment requests. Ensure that all IMPACT staff is aware and fully abide by ACTED’s regulations in terms of administration, logistics and security


  • Establish, maintain and improve active and regular working relationships with coordination platforms (clusters, sectors, working groups, NGO forum, HCT, etc), UN agencies, donors, NGOs, consortia, academia, and key decision-making forums;
  • Identify potential opportunities and develop donor relationships, as relevant


    • Academic Excellent academic qualifications, including a Master’s degree in a relevant discipline (International Relations, Political Sciences, Social Research, Economics, Development Studies, or similar)
      Years of work experience At least 5 years of relevant working experience or proven progression within IMPACT.
      Management experience Previous experience in a senior management role in an INGO at field level. Proven track record in successful management of international and national teams in humanitarian contexts.
      Familiarity aid system Familiarity with the aid system, and the research community.
      Communication/reporting skills Excellent communication and drafting skills for effective reporting, including proven experience in contributing to high level presentations/briefings.
      Experience in geographical region Past experience in the region, especially in Yemen is desirable
      Research skills: Excellent research and analytical skills an asset. Experience in assessments. M&E, field research, evaluations an asset.
      Software skills: Proven knowledge of the Microsoft Office Suite, to include Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Familiarity with R, SPSS and/or STATA or other statistical analysis software an asset
      Multi-tasking skills Ability to multitask with tight deadlines, on numerous research cycles in complex environment;
      Level of independence A self-starter with a proven ability to work independently;
      Cross-cultural work environment Ability to operate in a cross-cultural environment requiring flexibility;
      Language skills Fluency in English required, competency in Arabic is an asset.


    • Salary defined by the IMPACT salary grid; educational level, expertise, hardship, security, and performance are considered for pay bonus
      – Additional monthly living allowance provided in country by IMPACT’s partner ACTED
      – Food and lodging provided at the organisation’s guesthouse/or housing allowance (depending on

contract length and country of assignment)

    • Transportation costs covered, including additional return ticket + luggage allowance
      – Provision of medical, life, and repatriation insurance + retirement package

How to apply

Please apply on the following link: Country Coordinator | Impact (

Deadline: 5 May 2023