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CTG overview:
CTG staff and support humanitarian projects in fragile and conflict-affected countries around the world, providing a rapid and cost-effective service for development and humanitarian missions. With past performance in 17 countries – from the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Asia, we have placed more than 20,000 staff all over the world since operations began in 2006.
CTG recruits, deploys and manages the right people with the right skills to implement humanitarian and development projects, from cleaners to obstetricians, and mechanics to infection specialists, we’re skilled in emergency response to crises such as the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. Key to successful project delivery is the ability to mobilise at speed; CTG can source and deploy anyone, anywhere, in less than 2 weeks and have done so in 48 hours on a number of occasions.
Through our efficient and agile HR, logistical and operational services, CTG saves multilateral organisations time and money. We handle all our clients’ HR related issues, so they are free to focus on their core services.
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General background information relevant to the assignment:
The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) highlight the need for synergies between health technology, Research & Development (R&D), on the one hand & access & delivery on the other, by jointly identifying key targets towards achieving SDG 3, to ensure health & well being for all. Addressing both these aspects will be of critical importance in helping all countries, achieve Universal Health Coverage (UHC) & other health targets of the SDGs. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) launched a comprehensive & ambitious Vision 2030 in 2016, which aims to achieve complete transformation & economic diversification by 2030. The Saudi Food & Drugs Authority (SFDA) is a main entity in the Health Transformational Plan (HTP) which translates Vision 2030 into an ambitious transformative agenda in the health sector. In this regard, SFDA plays a pivotal role in achieving the objectives of the HTP & other related work which focuses on investment, to constitute a new chapter of sustainable growth for the sector to achieve ambitious economic returns to the Kingdom. This includes returns that include multiplying the industrial domestic product by 3 times & doubling the value of industrial exports. Once again, SFDA is the cornerstone for scaling up the manufacturing of vaccines & medicines, as well as introducing new biotechnologies in the food, medicines & medical device sector.
Our client in Saudi Arabia has supported SFDA since its establishment in 2007, through a series of strategic plans & objectives. Our client has tailored its support through projects to support the implementation of these strategic plans. The current project is tailored to support SFDA’s 4th strategic plan which focuses on embracing bio technologies in the food & medicine sectors of SFDA more specifically but also the medical device.

The objectives of the assignment:
On the basis of SFDA strategic plans and outputs & our clients ongoing projects, as well as considering key UN & Saudi strategy & policy documents i.e United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG’s), Saudi Vision 2030, national transformation program 2025, SFDA 4th strategic plan, the new project will focus on supporting SFDA strategic direction through procurement, installation of sound digital solutions as well as the development of ecosystems & SOPs related to their work. The project will also support the development & implementation of a strategic communications plan throughout the project cycle.

The scope of work, which contains a detailed description of deliverables & activities:

Provide support to our clients program in the following areas:
Support SFDA to embrace & adopt biotechnology in the drugs, food & medical device sector, including digital infrastructure & ecosystem protocols development, including but not limited to Advanced Therapeutic Medicinal Products (ATMPs) & genetically modified food.
Scale up the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) & big data across SFDA areas of work including improving the decision making & clearance of goods at the points of entry, supporting the inspection & post market surveillance & ensuring continuous feedback & learning to improve the risk analysis & matrix.
Align the work of SFDA with the national strategy for industry & the Saudi initiative for global supply chains, all of which aim to position the Kingdom as a regional & global hub for industry. SFDA is pivotal in expanding the manufacturing of vaccines, new medicines & medical devices.
Support the piloting of new digital technologies such as a combination of blockchain, big data & IoT (Internet of Things) for various areas of SFDA’s work, including halal food, pharmacovigilance & biobanks, which will strengthen SFDA oversight as a regulatory entity in the Kingdom.
Develop & implement a comprehensive, multi channel & multi audience communication plan that will help communicate the work of SFDA internally & externally & help with communication, awareness raising & engagement with SFDA partners & the community at large.

The regional component of the project will aim to achieve the following objectives:
Assess & map existing capacities & gaps in regulatory frameworks, institutions & systems in 3 project countries (to be selected).
Comprehensive & cascaded capacity building of regulatory institutions in project countries.
Contribute to the regional & global platforms for health technology assessment & preparedness.
Strengthen communication & public engagement capacities & implement communication campaigns in the 3 project countries.
Build capacities in post market pharmacovigilance through digital solutions.

This project, which will be executed nationally & regionally aims at the provision of advisory services, specialized experts & firms & administrative support to SFDA. In the process, these activities will help in developing SFDA’s policy, advocacy & executing capacity in the areas of food, drugs, medical devices & research. Across all outcomes, the project modes of engagement include the following inputs:
Institutional & individual capacity development, especially in new technologies & approaches.
Support to planning & implementing processes.
Awareness raising & cooperation.
Evidence generation & dissemination.

The CTA will be expected to produce the following outputs:
Terms of Reference for all of the experts required for the project, as well as the TORs / bidding notice for the procurement of services from suppliers / contractors, especially for those that might be required to be conducted through international tender.
Monthly project progress reports, indicating achievements vs the project plan.
Quarterly reports on the progress indicators & annual report vs the project results framework.
Concept note & other documents related to coordination of events.
Oversee & submit the reports conducted by various experts.

Project reporting:
The CTA will be based at our clients country office in Riyadh with 2 days a week working from SFDA. As such, he will be working with the SFDA on a daily basis.
The CTA is to share updates with our clients Program Analyst on a bi weekly basis. The bi weekly updates can take the format of a meeting.
The CTA is to share a progress report with our clients Program Analyst on a quarterly basis. The progress report has to be prepared in light of the work plan.
The exact format will be shared by our clients Programme Analyst in due course.

Key competencies:
Master’s in public health, health policy, health administration preferably coupled with some training on regulatory processes in medicines & food with at least 15 years of relevant experience in public or private sector, including preferably from the UN, focus on analysis of regulatory requirements, health policies & strategies.
Experience with international organizations is an asset.
Experience of embracing innovation & technology in the health sector.
Knowledge of Saudi development context is an asset.
Proficiency in English, working knowledge of Arabic is desirable.
Demonstrates commitment to equity in healthcare service delivery.
Shares knowledge & experience.
Provides helpful feedback & advice.
Strong statistical & IT skills.
Plans & produces quality results to meet established goals.
Generates innovative, practical solutions to challenging situations.
Conceptualizes & analyzes problems to identify key issues, underlying problems & how they relate.
Demonstrates substantive & technical knowledge to meet responsibilities & post requirements with excellence.
Demonstrates strong oral & written communication skills.
Responds positively to critical feedback & differing points of view.

Team management:
Strong team management skills are required for this role.

Further information:
This role is expected to last for 12 months with the possibility of an extension.
The duty station & expected places of travel, if any will be Riyadh in Saudi Arabia.
This assignment will be one calendar year. One round-trip ticket will be provided.
Any change to the preliminary travel plan / schedule hereunder, in such cases, our client will cover travel costs in accordance with corporate regulations & rules.
Payments will be made upon confirmation of our client of satisfactory performance.
Consultants are also required to comply with the UN security directives set forth under
If unforeseen travel outside the consultant workstation city is requested by our client & not required by the Terms of References (ToR), such travel shall be covered by our client in line with applicable rules & regulations & upon prior written agreement. In such cases, the consultant shall receive living allowances not exceeding the United Nations (UN) Daily Subsistence Allowance (DSA) rate for such other location(s).
A written approval from our client & relevant authorities will be required to facilitate consultant’s travel outside Riyadh on official missions where necessary.
Qualified female candidates are encouraged to apply for this role.

How to apply

Deadline: 19-Feb-24