MEAL Coordinator – Fixed Term


Role purpose:

The MEAL Coordinator will work closely with our Programme Delivery team to enhance programme quality and embed a culture of organisational learning and accountability. The launch of the new Strategic Plan presents an exciting and ambitious period for ShelterBox that seeks to grow impact through a flexible and creative programmatic approach. Sitting within the Programme Quality team, the MEAL Coordinator will play a significant role to strengthen participant voice and accountability, enable data driven decision making and coordinate research initiatives that help to identify best practice and innovative shelter solutions allowing people to recover and rebuild their lives.

The MEAL Coordinator will contribute to key processes that enhance programme/project delivery. They will liaise with Programme Managers/Emergency Coordinators and partner organisations to provide technical support and ensure that programmes/projects adhere to agreed processes, namely needs assessments, log frame development (with clear outcomes/outputs and SMART indicators), robust and transparent community feedback mechanisms and the development of the MEAL plan. They will also provide technical input on data collection exercises (both quantitative and qualitative) and data analysis as well as designing/coordinating review /evaluation processes.

The MEAL Coordinator will play an important role in promoting organisational learning and embedding a culture of reflection, analysis and learning. Working together with Programme Managers & Emergency Coordinators, they will support the implementation of learning frameworks, so lessons are learned (both positive and negative), captured, responded to and shared with peers.

They will work closely with the Programme Delivery Team and Technical Specialists to identify and/or support the establishment of Action Research projects that will contribute to improvements and innovations within the shelter sector.

The MEAL Coordinators may also be asked to contribute to the development of organisational policy papers on mainstreaming or technical areas such as cash programming.

This role will be joining a fast-paced organisation realigning itself for further growth in the face of mounting humanitarian needs. We look forward to welcoming candidates who share our passion to achieve this.

Duties will include but not be limited to:

Programme support

70% FTE

  • Drive the implementation of the ShelterBox Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning strategy throughout our programmes. Working in conjunction with Programme Managers, Emergency Coordinators, Field Teams and partner organisations, the MEAL Coordinator will enable compliance across programmes and projects.
  • Provide MEAL technical support to Programme Manager at key points throughout the project cycle. The role will:
  1. Advise on appropriate needs assessments methodologies and tools
  2. Collaborate with partners and implementing teams to, support project/log frame development with clear outcomes/outputs and SMART indicators
  3. Ensure robust MEAL plans are in place
  4. Provide technical input on the establishment of a robust and transparent community feedback mechanisms
  5. Provide technical input on data collection exercises (both quantitative and qualitative)
  6. Support data analysis and the facilitation of learning and reflection based on findings that results in data-led decision making
  • Work together with Programme Managers and Emergency Coordinators to facilitate partner MEAL capacity (self-) assessments and where relevant develop MEAL Capacity Building Action Plans.
  • Where relevant, support the delivery of Capacity Building Action Plans, through the development of appropriate resources and providing in-person and remote training /mentoring on MEAL concepts and practice. This will also involve reviewing training courses/modules, developing resources and providing training.
  • Manage the coordination of the evaluation process, including methodological design, writing Terms of References, recruiting and supervising Consultants or undertaking evaluations in-person where appropriate.
  • Ensure all projects/programmes are contributing to organisational KPI reporting. Develop and populate Information Management systems as appropriate.
  • Liaise with the Grant Management team to ensure that all projects MEAL systems and processes are in line with donor requirements, and support Programme Managers to submit quality narrative reports in a timely fashion.
  • Liaise with Programme Managers/Emergency Coordinators/ partners to ensure the MEAL Plans are operationalized and that the data/reports provided by partners are robust, verifiable and with the appropriate degree of objectivity.

Knowledge creation and sharing

20% FTE

  • Support Programme Managers and Emergency Coordinators to effectively use Learning Frameworks to enable the continued and conscious application of learning.
  • Coordinate/undertake Action Research projects to further learning and innovation around key thematic topics (shelter design, settlement planning, cash and voucher assistance, climate change adaptation, protection and inclusion, etc.)
  • Utilising M&E data, evaluation findings and wider sector understanding, develop thematic discussions to strengthen understanding within ShelterBox and in relevant Communities of Practice.
  • Write papers (based on M&E data and findings) to share with external audiences (affected communities, peers, donors, academics etc.) to contribute to thematic reviews and the learning agenda.
  • Keep up-to-date with sector techniques and trends, providing advice and guidance on processes, methods and best practice in MEAL, contributing to Communities of Practice within the fields of Humanitarian Shelter and MEAL

Infrastructure development

10% FTE

  • Contribute to the development of systems and processes that strengthen KPI measurement and analysis to demonstrate organisational impact.
  • Ensure ShelterBox is abreast of new technological developments relating to data collection, analysis, particularly methodologies to empower local people to communicate with ShelterBox and to share their insights enhancing participation.

Working requirements

  • Work away from home. This may be UK or overseas training or deploying to a disaster- or conflict-affected area. Whilst you are unlikely to deploy for more than six weeks at any one time, you may be expected to deploy for up to 30% of your time in any calendar year.
  • Keep within the charity’s aims and objectives, strategic plans and values.
  • Any other duties as required which are deemed appropriate to the level and grade of the post.

How to apply

If you are interested in the role and would like to apply, please visit our website –

Closing date: 15 Jan 2023