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Solidarités International

DIPLOMAS Bachelor degree in finance and/or HR management or any other related field
EXPERIMENT IN THE HUMANITARIAN SECTOR ☐ No ☐ 0-2 years x 3-4 years ☐ +5 years
EXPERIMENT ON SIMILAR POSITIONS ☐ No x 0-2 years ☐ 3-4 years ☐ +5 years
2. office 365 / Link
2. training skils / team building
3. strong management skills
LANGUAGES 1. English
2. Portuguese/spanish/French



This position is based in Mueda, a small city of 40,000 individuals. Mueda is a fairly remote location situated on a plateau benefitting from mild weather. Despite usual security conditions of a base 4 (curfew at 7pm at the time of writing), it is possible to walk during the day, access the market and a few restaurants and bars. There are several international NGOs in Mueda offering possibilities to socialize.
Locally available ingredients are somewhat limited, but squid and fish, mangos (in season), and other seasonal items are readily available, with imported goods available to be sent up from Pemba.
The Guesthouse offers confortable living conditions with most rooms having an en-suite bathroom, hot water and almost permanent electrivity.
The internet connection is stable (4G) in Mueda and on the field and in improvement at the time of writing

According to experience, from : 2 310,00 € gross per month, i.e.: 2 100 € base salary + 10% annual leave allowance paid monthly.

How to apply

Deadline: 28 Dec 2023