One (01) National Consultant for the Collection and Analysis of Data on Malaria Input Supply Chain in Cameroon

  • Cameroon
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Impact Santé Afrique

Call for Consultancy!

Impact Santé Afrique: Non-Governmental Organization

Title: One (01) National Consultant for the Collection and Analysis of Data on Malaria Input Supply Chain in Cameroon

Location: Cameroon

Réf.: D520/EAP/2023

I. Context

Impact Santé Afrique (ISA) is a non-governmental organization based in Cameroon with the primary goal of contributing to the improvement of public health through the implementation of transformative and sustainable programs. (For more information, please visit our website

ISA is implementing the project, ” Equitable Access in Malaria Fight “, a civil society initiative supported by Expertise France and funded by L’Initiative over a period of 3 years. This initiative aims to increase the engagement of civil society and communities in the implementation of the National Strategic Plan for Malaria Control in Cameroon, at both the national and community level. The approach seeks to demonstrate the tangible benefits that civil society engagement can bring to this crucial fight.

One of the key specific objectives of this initiative is to improve access to malaria inputs at the level Community Health Workers (CHW), with a particular focus on the most vulnerable populations. It is in this perspective that ISA is seeking an experienced consultant capable of conducting an analysis of malaria inputs supply chain situation in Cameroon at the national level.

II. General Objective

The general objective of this study is to document and clarify the different processes, roles, and responsibilities of stakeholders from the central to the regional level to identify various processes, pinpoint bottlenecks in the malaria input supply chain, and identify the different actors involved.

III. Specific Objectives

  • Develop a study protocol including methodology, data collection tools, key actors, roles, and responsibilities in malaria supply chain, from central to regional level.
  • Collect data on malaria supply chain in Cameroon from various stakeholders, including civil society organizations, health and education ministries, suppliers of health products and services, communities, and individuals.
  • Analyze the collected data to identify bottlenecks in malaria supply chain in Cameroon; produce preliminary results to be presented and validated by ISA and the project steering committee.
  • Document and clarify the different processes involved in the supply chain from central to regional level.
  • Develop a final report of the study results, taking into account various observations and suggestions.

IV. Responsibilities of the National Consultant

  • Develop a study protocol including methodology and tools for data collection on the Malaria Supply Chain in Cameroon.
  • Present the study protocol and data collection tools to the Taskforce National Malaria Control Program (NMCP)-Civil Society for Malaria Elimination (CS4ME) for validation.
  • Train civil society organizations on qualitative and quantitative data collection methods.
  • Collect data nationwide.
  • Participate in analysis workshop with the Taskforce to identify key actors and their roles in the supply chain.
  • Develop the final report of the study.

V. Qualifications of the National Consultant

  • Master’s degree or equivalent in Public Health, Pharmacy, Demography, or a related field.
  • Have at least 7 years of experience in Public Health research and/or logistics management of medical inputs or a related field.
  • Have at least 7 years of experience in collection and analysis of qualitative and quantitative data.
  • Proven experience in data collection and analysis of the supply chain of medical inputs.
  • Skills in developing methodology and data collection tools.

Assets :

  • Good knowledge of the national supply system of malaria inputs in Cameroon.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

VI. Deliverables

  • A study protocol including tools for data collection on the malaria inputs supply chain in Cameroon.
  • A research report on the malaria supply chain in Cameroon, including an analysis of bottlenecks, key actors, their various roles and responsibilities.
  • A collected database.
  • Synthesis of the analyzed report validated by ISA and the Taskforce.

VII. Duration of the Mission

The duration of the consultant’s mission will be 30 working days from the date of contract signature within the period from January 15, 2024, to May 15, 2024, according to the schedule.

How to apply

VIII. Submission Modalities

Interested candidates are invited to submit their applications, including:
1. A detailed CV with references to experience in mapping.
2. A cover letter.
3. Three professional references.
4. A methodological proposal.
5. A detailed timeline.
6. A detailed financial proposal.
N.B: Applications will be evaluated based on their relevance to the required qualifications and professional references. Female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply. Applications will be submitted only by email to [email protected]. Applications must be submitted within 20 days after the publication of this offer, i.e., by January 7, 2024, at 11:59pm.
Please indicate in:
email subject: Consultant National D520/EAP/2023

IX. Confidentiality
All information and data collected in this study must be treated confidentially and used only for study-related purposes. The National Consultant must sign a confidentiality agreement before the start of the mission.

Deadline: 7 Jan 2024