Request For Proposal For Compensation and Benefits Survey For Bangladesh

Carter Center


1. About The Carter Center

The Carter Center is guided by the principles of our founders, former President Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter. Founded in partnership with Emory University on a fundamental commitment to human rights and the alleviation of human suffering, the Center seeks to prevent and resolve conflicts, enhance freedom and democracy, and improve health.

2. Project Background

The Carter Center (‘The Center”) works in partnership with governments, civil society, and international and regional bodies to improve governance and transform lives through a meaningful right of access to information. Transparency and accountability, citizen trust, and public participation are crucial cornerstones of accountable governance and the ability to counter corruption. Greater transparency in government allows citizens to hold authorities accountable while discouraging corrupt practices by government officials.

Since 2016, The Center has implemented programming in Bangladesh at the national and local levels to address inequities in women’s access to information by working with government officials and citizens. Greater access to information enables women to make more informed life choices, push government officials to guarantee their rights, secure greater agency and control over their lives, and more meaningfully engage in public life.

With USAID support, The Carter Center is implementing “Advancing Women’s Right of Access to Information in Bangladesh” to support the Government of Bangladesh and women to seek and apply solutions to help overcome obstacles and more fully and meaningfully exercise the fundamental right of access to information.

3. Purpose of this assignment

The Center is seeking a Consultant/Firm/Agency to conduct a comprehensive Compensation Review (salary and all benefits) that provides The Center with:

Clear understanding of the competitive environment for salary and benefits that will attract and retain high performing staff.

Analysis that helps The Center align staff salary and benefits package with prevailing market rates and ‘same level’ organizations (budget size, sector etc.)

Data that will ensure internal equity and external competitiveness of The Center’s Bangladesh staff compensation.

Draft guidelines for any missing elements of the compensation package (salary ranges and benefits) for potential adoption by The Center.

4. Scope of work:

All tasks will be conducted in consultation with The Carter Center.

Review job descriptions, organizational structure, pay policy, grade descriptions, job descriptions of each position, salary structure, existing salaries and benefits of The Carter Center, Bangladesh

Compare and analyze The Center’s external competitiveness with similarly situated other organizations Share market benchmarking for identified critical roles /positions.

5. Contract period

The Vendor is expected to complete all deliverables within 45 days of contract signing.

6. Deliverables

Inception Report which outlines the Consultant’s methodology

A final compensation and benefits survey report that meets industry standards. The report will include an introduction; survey methodology; results of the survey; comparative analysis of The Center’s salary and benefits as compared to comparable organizations/projects; and recommendations on revisions of compensation guidelines for inclusion in The Center’s Employee Handbook.

7. Evaluation Factors:

The Applicant’s package will be assessed based on:

a. Previous Experience – 40 points

Demonstrated professional experience working in the field of human resource management, particularly in the area of reviewing and developing job description and compensation management. Proven experience of conducting similar work (market survey for development organizations).

Preference provided for applicants who have conducted at least three organizations.

b. Proposed Methodology – 30 points

The proposed methodology must detail how the Vendor will create a competitive salary and benefit package for The Center’s Bangladesh staff.

c. Gender and Inclusion – 30 points

The Applicant’s proposal includes a clear understanding of gender in their methodology, approach, and/or team composition.

How to apply

8. Submission of Proposal:

For any queries, contact [email protected]

Interested consultants/firms must submit their technical and financial proposals only via email to

[email protected]. The deadline for proposal submission is 5 PM (Dhaka time), on 31 January 2024.

Deadline: 31-Jan-24