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The security and political situation in Libya have been ever so fragile since the ceasefire of 2019. Civilians continue to suffer the effects of political and economic instability and ongoing violence, including some of the recent intense fighting in some areas in Tripoli during the summer of 2023. The battle for control over Libya crosses tribal, regional, political, and even religious lines creating parallel governing institutions and military chiefs, hence increasing internal fragmentation and division.

Having said that, Geneva Call has been operational in Libya since 2019 with in-country registration both in Tripoli and Benghazi since 2022. Geneva Call’s programme has been closely focused on engaging with the different governmental departments in Libya both in Tripoli and Benghazi, namely with the ministries of defence and interior as well as their associated civilian offices and supporting forces on the ground. Moreover, initial engagement has taken place with influential actors such as tribal and community leaders in some areas.

In light of the evolving context and the emerging protection priorities on the ground, Geneva Call is aiming to conduct a strategic assessment exercise in Libya to further capitalize on its ongoing engagements with various state and non-state actors. In line with its 2024-2027 strategic objectives, Geneva Call is planning to explore opportunities for stronger programming and deeper engagement with key stakeholders in Libya, with a focus on how best to address the main protection concerns all while identifying avenues to promote stabilization efforts and other initiatives relevant to the work of Geneva Call.

For this purpose, Geneva Call is seeking to contract a strategic expert on a consultancy basis to support this assessment and deliver on the sub-objectives detailed below.


Under the direct supervision of the Director of Operations, the main objectives of the assignment to be conducted by the Libya Strategic Expert are the following:

  • Develop comprehensive contextual analysis on political, security and social dynamics relevant to current and historical conflicts in Libya and potential conflict links and spillover from neighbouring countries (Sahel and Sudan).
  • Identify and map out different state and armed groups and de facto authorities (AGDAs) on the ground and highlight engagement opportunities aiming to promote compliance with IHL/IHRL and contribute to strengthening relevant human security and stabilization initiatives.
  • Develop an analysis of the current Protection of Civilians (PoC) situation in Libya and identify emerging protection issues that are left unaddressed. This will include conducting in-depth assessments and the drafting of strategic positioning and frameworks in-line with Geneva Call’s mission.
  • Identify relevant like-minded institutions in Libya and Tunis with whom Geneva Call could potentially partner to advance its work in Libya. This mapping should aim to understand their go-to methods and approaches to engage with the different Libya actors and propose ways in which Geneva Call could bring an added value to on-going stabilization efforts.
  • Recommend potential programmatic interventions for Geneva Call in Libya including engagement with relevant authorities, partners, and interlocutors. Consequently, share recommendations relevant to IHL/IHRL promotion, mixed migration, and stabilisation.
  • Conduct mapping and provide analysis of potential funding opportunities related to the programmatic priorities identified.

Additional information

Deliverable and timelines

The consultancy will run for a period of six weeks (30 days) staring as soon as possible. Once selected, the successful candidate will be expected to deliver the following at a minimum:

  • Inception report and bi-weekly progress reports on advancement compared to proposed action plan;
  • Outline of key engagements undertaken with the relevant actors, specifically Libyans, as well as other interlocutors and stakeholders with clear recommendations and next steps;
  • A comprehensive contextual analysis on political actors, AGDAs mapping and other formations that influence peace and conflict in Libya;
  • A detailed report on main PoC issues that need to be prioritised, key programmatic areas for Geneva Call to explore further and consider;
  • A report on key donor mapping matrix as well as key institutional partners and organisations; and
  • End of consultancy report and handover notes for key engagements, processes, and outcomes.

Management of the consultancy

  • The consultant will report to the Director of Operations who will provide the necessary guidance and support in the completion of agreed outcomes.
  • The payment of the consultancy will be based on outcomes and will be settled in three tranches:
    • Inception report and approved work plan (20%).
    • Delivery of contextual analysis, including AGDAs and other state actors mapping (40%).
    • Delivery of IHL/IHRL initiatives mapping and donors as well as institutional partners mapping (20%).
    • Delivery of consultancy report and complete handover of the summary of engagements by the end of the consultancy (20%).
    • The total time allocated for the delivery of these outcomes should not exceed six weeks.

Main Qualifications, Skills & Experiences

The candidate is expected to:

  • Hold a master’s degree, or equivalent work experience, in social sciences, development studies, conflict resolution and peacebuilding or a related field.
  • Have demonstrable track record in delivery of similar consultancies in related thematic areas and in similar contexts.
  • Have worked in Libya and maintained relevant networks in country as well as the wider region of MENA.

Expression of interest

Interested and qualified consultants must submit their application, no later than 14.01.2024 with the following in one pdf document:

  • An updated curriculum vitae highlighting relevant professional experience and qualifications for this consultancy.
  • A technical proposal explaining the understanding of the consultancy, as well as the methodological approach describing the different stages, the timetable, and the tools and deliverables that will be used for each stage.
  • A financial proposal with a detailed budget.
  • A sample of work, related to this consultancy.
  • Full contact information for at least two recent clients as references, if possible.

Conflict of interest

Any candidate affiliated to, or openly supporting, one or more interest groups opposed to the Foundation’s principles and values, or whose previous position could engender safety issues for co-workers at Appel de Genève / Geneva Call, will be excluded from this selection process.


  • Title: Consultant
  • Type of contract: Consultancy contract
  • Duty station: Libya
  • Reporting to: Director of Operations – MENA
  • Duration of the consultancy: six weeks (30 days)
  • Expected start and end date:

    • Start date: 22/01/2024
    • End date: 22/03/2024

How to apply

To apply please follow the link:

No later than 14 January 2024.

All applications will be kept confidential. Please note only shortlisted candidate will be contacted for further process.

Deadline: 14 Jan 2024