Terms of Reference for Project Coordinator Consultant- Somalia (pending funding confirmation)

Finn Church Aid

Terms of Reference for

Project Coordinator Consultant- Somalia (pending funding confirmation)

Date of issue:


Project title:


Deadline for submission of offers:

February 25th 2024, 17:00 EAT

Contracting authority:

Finn ChurchAid (FCA), Network for Religious and Traditional Peacemakers


Contact person: GinaDias E-mail: [email protected]

  1. Introduction & Background

FCA/Network for Religious and Traditional Peacemakers is looking for a Project Coordinator for project management and technical expertise under/as part of the MIDEEYE project on national reconciliation and local governance in Somalia between April 2024 to December 2024 (9 months).

  1. Background info on FCA

Finn Church Aid (FCA) is the largest Finnish international aid organization. We operate in 13 countries, where the needs are most dire. We work with the poorest people, regardless of their religious beliefs, ethnic background or political convictions. Our work is based on rights, which means that our operations are guided by equality, non-discrimination and responsibility. For more information, please visit www.kua.fi

  1. Background info on FCA CO requesting the services

The Network for Religious and Traditional Peacemakers (the Network) was founded in 2013 as a concrete response to the growing awareness among peace mediation organization and the United Nations, that religious and traditional actors are vital, but underutilized, actors in peacemaking processes. Since its founding, the Network has grown into a community of peacemakers ranging from grassroots religious and traditional actors to international NGOs, think tanks, and academic institutions. The Network strengthens peacemaking through collaboratively supporting the positive role of religious and traditional actors in peacebuilding processes and through connecting them to national and international peace builders. Since its founding, the Network Secretariat has been hosted by Finn Church Aid (FCA), Finland’s largest development agency and provider of humanitarian aid while the steering body of the Network, the Core Group, consist of variety of actors from UN Agencies to Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Religions for Peace and KAICIID Dialogue Center.

  1. Objectives

The Network is implementing the MIDEEYE project together with Finn Church Aid (FCA) in Somalia, funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of Finland. The MIDEEYE project intends to promote national reconciliation and strengthen inclusive governance and administration in Somalia, contributing to renewed social contract which is built on trust in the state, social cohesion and a shared vision of a common future among Somali people. This will be achieved through: i) increased national capacity to effectively implement and operationalize National Reconciliation Framework (NRF) in the Federal Government and selected Federal Member States (FMS) to build legitimacy and trust in government institutions, and ii) strengthened inclusive governance and administration for effective basic service delivery in selected FMS, in accordance with NRF and Wadajir National Framework for Local Governance.

The purpose of the assignment is the management and provision of technical expertise for activities under the responsibility of the Network (objective 1) for the above-mentioned project. The Project Coordinator ensures that the relevant legal, donor and internal requirements related to the grant are met and coordinates relations and activities of the partners and stakeholders in the project, contributing to the successful implementation and achievement of project results.

The major activities include capacity building trainings for government at federal and FMS levels on religion and mediation, psychosocial support and trauma healing, conflict resolution and peacemaking. This includes procurement of the trainers and facilitators required to conduct the trainings and provide peer support.

Scope of work

The consultant will be expected to undertake the following tasks:

  • Act as the operational focal point and point of contact for the status/progress of activities to be implemented by the Network with support from FCA.
  • Manage the overall implementation of Network activities, and coordinate the planning, monitoring and reporting (internal and external) of project activities.
  • Provide technical and thematic support to the project and partners on conflict analysis, peacebuilding, and reconciliation.
  • Prepare work plans and produce timely reports – financial and progress reports – as required by FCA and donor reporting systems.
  • Prepare and update the project procurement plan and overseeing procurement processes.
  • Ensure that project budget is followed and prepare budget changes if required.
  • Request for budget advances for activity implementation and ensure settlement according to FCA procedures.
  • Review the project monthly/quarterly and donor financial reports compiled by the Finance Manager.
  • Manage relationships and coordinate the work with FCA through regular meetings and follow-ups.
  • Ensure communication and cooperation between project partners and other stakeholders of the project.
  • Ensure that all project plans, objectives, policies, procedures, and processes are followed.
  • Manage the activities led by Network in the project, such as selection of beneficiaries, trainings and capacity building, cross-regional learning and awareness.
  • Manage the overall communication and submission of reports to FCA.
  • Promote identification and synthesis of best practices and lessons learned for organizational sharing and learning.
  1. Deliverables
  • The overall human, material and financial resources of the project are managed with high quality.
  • Communication to FCA and collaboration between project partners is well managed.
  • The project objectives and outputs are achieved according to set plans.
  1. Duration of contract

Duration of this contract is 9 months (April 2024 to December 2024).

  1. Duty Station

The consultant will be based in Nairobi or Mogadishu, working from the FCA office.

  1. Transport & Logistics

Field transport and accommodation arrangements, focal points and other contact points on the field and other logistical arrangements concerning the consultant will be provided by FCA through the project funds.

  1. Methodology
  • The consultant will strictly follow the work plan and the time schedule agreed with FCA and the Network during the planning phase.
  • The consultant will report to the Regional Programme Manager – Africa
  • The position includes immediate results and ability to meet targets.
  • This position includes travel to conflict zones. Possibly also to conflict-torn locations.
  • Project work includes pressing deadlines that can cause stress.
  • Working in a global team.
  • Availability to work exceptional /unpredictable hours.
  • Working in a location where there is no FCA infrastructure and under remote supervision.
  • Very proactive interaction in hugely multicultural and global environment.
  • Contribute to the global work of the Network Secretariat.
  • Frequent communication with the project partners on overall management of the project.
  • Liaise with FCA and Network on project administration and finances.
  • Communicate directly with the participants and speakers of the events.
  • Communication with project donor, national and local authorities.


The total indicative budget is EUR 25,400. This is the maximum amount available and the awarded amount will be dependent on the skills and experience of the selected candidate.

Bids exceeding this amount will not be eligible for evaluation.

Applicants’ proposals must include a detailed and competitive budget inclusive of all fees, costs and taxes.

Consultant(s) are responsible for managing their own tax contributions. The proposed budget and its detailed break-down without VAT is to be presented in Euros in the financial proposal.

Applicants are requested to submit a detailed financial proposal using Annex 1. Travel, accommodation, and logistics costs should not be included as these will be covered by the project.

Please provide a detailed budget of the assignment without VAT. The Contracting Authority will calculate the VAT according to the Finnish legislation.

  1. Timetable

Deliverables Duration

Inception report & workplan

Within 4 weeks

Monthly reportand invoice

By the firstweek of the following month


9 months

  1. Payment Modalities

The monthly payments will be processed upon completion of the following milestones.

  • Completion of planned activities
  • Annual work plan
  • Monthly report and invoice
  1. Required Expertise and Qualification
  • Master Degree in peace and conflict studies, development studies, law, human rights or similar
  • At least 5 years related professional experience on peacebuilding/conflict transformation and/or interreligious dialogue
  • Proven strong project management skills
  • Experience in procurement and financial management of projects
  • Strong knowledge of the Somali context and culture
  • Strong understanding of root causes of conflicts in Somalia and existing conflict transformation and peacebuilding programs and mechanisms
  • Good understanding of the governance structures and existing networks with national and provincial level authorities and key civil society and community actors
  • Experience in developing and implementing consortium projects
  • Proven problem solving skills and strategic planning capability with creativity;
  • Previous experience in capacity building/training of individuals and/or organisations
  • Good attention to detail and numerate
  • Fluency in oral and written English
  • Excellent communication and inter-personal skills
  • Sound organizational skills and initiative to proactively manage work
  • Ability to meet deadlines under pressure
  • Ability to travel within Somalia, even to higher security risk areas
  • Ability to work remotely and with a diverse team across the globe.
  1. Contract Award Criteria

The offers will be evaluated according to the contract award criteria below:

Description Weight Scoring methodology


Interview (oral and online)


Relevant experience, expertise, qualifications, flexibility, suitability for the position will be assessed

duringthe panel interview


Cover letter


Understanding of the purpose, context and subjectmatter of the assignment

Responsiveness to the ToR Concretization of the strategy for

tasks identified in the ToR


Financial score


Lowest bid receives highest score. Other candidates’ scores are calculated proportionally basedon the lowest bid.

  1. Evaluation Process

The evaluation process is managed by FCA’s Procurement Committee. Candidates will be evaluated according to the contract award criteria.

  1. Questions

Candidates are not allowed to approach the Contracting Authority for verbal clarification.

Any prospective candidate seeking to arrange individual meetings with either the Contracting Authority and/or any other organisation with which the Contracting Authority is associated or linked may be excluded from the tender procedure.

Candidates may submit questions in writing via email to the address above latest three days before the deadline.

  1. Terms of contract
  • Confidentiality – Highlight any confidentiality concern
  • The consultant is expected to use own computer and other equipment required for the works.
  • The consultant will have to abide by FCA Code of Conduct.
  • By submitting a proposal, the candidate confirms to abide by FCA Code of Conduct, Child Safeguarding Policy and Data Policy Agreement.
  • The ownership and copyright(s) of the report(s) and any other produced material will remain with FCA.
  • The Contracting authority may for its own convenience and without charge or liability cancel the tender process at any stage.
  1. Documents comprising this procurement

The candidate shall complete and submit the following documents with his tender:

  1. 1-3 page CV
  2. 1 page cover letter
  3. Technical and financial proposal (maximum 8 pages)
  4. Details of 3 references

How to apply

  1. Application procedure

Deadline for submission of offers is 17:00 EAT on 25th February, 2024.

Candidates must send their offers via email to [email protected]no later the deadline as mentioned above. Any tenders received the deadline will not be considered.

Interested bidders should write to the email above to receive the complete tender dossier. Candidates must put Project Coordinator Consultant- Somalia in the subject line of their emails. No tender may be changed or withdrawn after the deadline has passed.

The candidate shall bear all costs associated with the preparation and submission of the offer and the Contracting Authority will in no case be responsible or liable for these costs, regardless of the conduct or outcome of the procurement process.

Deadline: 25-Feb-24