Working Student @ Codeprints (turning Your Github Contributions into Art)

dyve GmbH

codeprints(.)dev enables engineers from around the world to print their Github contributions as art and hang them on the wall. The printouts are perfect for your home-office, as a present for a good friend or a sign of appreciation for an awesome contributor. They also really tie the room together. This is an entry level position. We are looking for a working student fullstack developer who is interested in helping to improve the product. You will be working with our team of seniors and can grow your tech skills.

We (dyve agency) are a small employee owned team of devs dedicated to building rock solid products. While everyone just starts working remotely now, we have been working remotely since the start, it’s in our DNA and we embrace it. Codeprints is one of the products that we work on in our slack time.


  • Help to improve the product both in the backend and frontend
  • Decide and prioritise new features for the product
  • Help us with the social media campaign
  • Setup a measurable performance marketing campaign to drive leads


  • You should know the basic concepts of software development
  • You understand the basic concepts of HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • You are eager to learn new technologies
  • As we are focused on the German market, speaking German is a must


  • Remote only team
  • Flexible working times
  • Choose the days you work
  • Decide on technologies
  • Integrate work into your life
  • Paid overtime (in case you want to work more)
  • Fair compensation and a meaningful job. The company owns itself, adhering to the “Purpose Economy” standard. At the end of each year the profits are split between all the employees. Because there are no share-holders, we all work for each other

Thanks for reading this wall of text. Looking forward to chatting with you.

To apply for this job please visit